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The Bumbu Large Grass is beautifully handcrafted and perfect for little hands. Eco-friendly and plastic free, this Waldorf inspired figure is not only perfect for open ended play, story scenes and small world play set ups, it will look beautiful on display when not in use.


Designed to be as simple as possible to allow maximum space for the child's imagination, Bumbu Toys encourage creative play and exploration while supporting the development of hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and spatial awareness.


Timeless and expertly handcrafted with love and care in Romania, Bumbu Toys are made from sustainably sourced Romanian wood. Each unique piece is polished, painted and oiled to perfection with water based non-toxic paints and organic oils to not only protect the wood, but allow for safe touch and mouthing from children. Made of solid wood, they are minimally processed to preserve as much of the natural texture, properties and beauty as possible. Thus allowing features such as the grain, knots, growth rings, rough patches, colour spots and mineral lines show through, telling the story of the tree from which it was made.

Bumbu Toys Wooden Large Grass

  • Size:  8 cm x 14 cm x 2 cm


    Age: Suitable for children aged 3+


    Unique characteristics such as knots and differences in wood grain are testament to the handcrafted nature of these products. Colours and textures may vary from that shown in the photos.

  • Based in Romania, striving to keep traditions alive, Bumbu Toys pride themselves in producing meticulously crafted, environmentally friendly, heirloom quality pieces to be treasured and played with for generations to come. Consulting with pedagogues and psychologists, they design their toys to engage and stimulate a child's desire for knowledge, to ensure they create not only an attractive but educational toy. They use only sustainably sourced wood, internationally certified non-toxic water-based paints and organic oils. Safe for little hands and mouths and kind to the planet.